v.d. Westmark Deutsch Drahthaar  – W Litter

October  2021

We’re now accepting deposits for puppies from our W litter, expected to arrive October 13, 2021

Utz vom Düwelsbarg

Utz vom Düwelsbarg

  • VJP – 68

  • HZP – 194

  • VGP II-312 UF

  • Bringselverweiser

  • Coat/Form: 11/11 Brsch

  • 66/67cm

  • HD-A, OCD Clear, ED free, vWD Clear (DNA), Furnishings -Ff (DNA)

Rose v.d. Westmark

  • Completed her HZP VGP at only 11 months old!  She and her sister Ronja were the youngest dogs tested in the United States.

  • VJP – 68

  • HZP – 188

  • VGP II-323  UF

  • Bringselverweiser

  • Coat/Form: 10/10    61/62 cm

  • HD-A free, OCD free

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We Are Now Accepting Deposits

If you are interested in reserving a puppy from our upcoming litter please contact us.
If you have already contacted us please use the “MAKE A DEPOSIT” link below to send your deposit.