Ronja and Rose from our R litter made waves that the latest HZP & VGP test which took place on November 6-8, 2020. Just 10 days shy of their first birthday they outscored dogs twice their age and stunned the judges with their outstanding performance day after day. They were youngest dogs ever tested in the US and earned the highest marks of the weekend.
These scores reflect a breeding program committed to producing high performance, mentally stable and healthy hunting dogs… as my dear friend says, “you need talent and substance to produce numbers” – these are VERY talented puppies!
Ronja v.d. Westmark

HZP – 192
12 search behind duck

VGP – 317 II-UF

Rose v.d. Westmark

HZP – 188
10 search behind duck

VGP – 323 II-UF
4h without duck
4h with duck